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  • Features:

    70"Stamco slitting line with looping pit
    Clean Line (Cold Roll, Galvanized, Pre-paint, Etc.)
    In line Herr-Voss roller Leveler
    Gauge range .010" to .110"
    Min. Master ID 19.00”
    Max. Slit OD 70.00”
    Width Tolerance .005”
    Min Slit Trim per Side .175”
    Min. Slit Width 1.00”
    Coil packaging includes in line scale and six station carousel
    Coil Inspection/Re-wrap/Slitting
    Inventory control thru steel track.  Instant inventory updates available upon request.
    Complete Warehousing program
    Depending on coil size, tonnages, packaging etc. Please call for quote
    Let us know if you need any additional information.
    We look forward to being of service let us know how we can help.
    Mark Benz
    (618) 877-7000
    Brooke Ante (Office Manager)

    MB Steel - 9 Fox Industrial Dr - Madison, IL 62060-1170
    (618) 877-7000 - Fax (618) 877-0955